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On Milwaukee reviews Lake Park Bistro has a review of Lake Park Bistro on their site.  I consider this restaurant to be one of the best in Milwaukee and one of my top 5 restaurants.   I ate brunch here a few weeks back and I will post a review of what I can only describe as the best breakfast I have ever eaten.


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Molecular Gastronomy Fans Take Note

If you are at all fascinated with Ferran Adria’ and the other chef-scientists who are taking cooking to new and unique places by playing around with all kinds of scientific shit, check out this post by Jason Perlow over at Off The Broiler.  It features a bunch of photos from a presentation by Spain’s most prominent chefs called Spain’s 10 at the French Culinary Institute.  The photos look like the event was part science class, part cooking school demo, and part rock concert with 9 chefs warming up the crowd for Adria,the headlining act.   The pictures are very interesting and there is a corresponding podcast, which I will try to listen to tonight.  

As a side note, I am not really sure who coined the term “molecular gastronomy.”  I first heard it from Mike Nagrant over at Hungry Magazine and I think it is the perfect term for this type of cooking.  Now if I could just afford to eat at one of these types of restaurants!!

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